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In the words of Normani Kordei, “let us give you innovation”! We certainly haven’t invented custom name necklaces, but we do like to take pride in contributing to this trend by coming up with some of these fab designs. If you like to wear simple tees and jeans, all you need to acquire is an Iced Out Necklace to seal the deal. We’re certain even Icy Girl Saweetie would rock it in her own way. However, she chose to flaunt a piece similar to our Close To My Heart Necklace, which makes her look even more divine during golden hour selfie time!

Are you more of a chunky earrings girl? We’ve got you covered with our Chunky Bamboo Custom Hoops, which are proving the be the earrings of the season. Honestly, where is the lie? We can’t stop wearing them, and neither can Cardi and Saweetie. Not the mention the effect they’ll have on you. If you by any chance get the feeling your Christmas Tree might be missing something, you can even hang these on one of the branches. All jokes aside, know that putting these on will help you unlock a new dimension of glamour.

Before there was Emily in Paris, there was Blair Waldorf stirring things up in the Upper East Side! That’s right, lovely, we’re about to travel back in time. Leighton Meester has brought this iconic character to life with her phenomenal acting skills, and she also had the privilege of wearing some unique pieces of jewelry while doing so. Both the Key To My Heart and The Monogram Necklace are great for wearing on the daily, but there’s something so endearing about wearing your initials in lower-case letters. And lest you forget, these pieces will never be viewed as “Ringarde”!

If it were up to us, we’d trade at least a decade of our lives for the opportunity to wear Harry Styles’ ring collection! Not only is this man an absolute beast when it comes to musical talent, but his style is quite possibly the epitome of groundbreaking. You know that feeling when you get your nails done, and you feel like there’s something missing? It doesn’t matter how many rhinestones or patterns you keep applying to your nail beds. You just know you need a surplus of rings! Our Encore rings were made for specific combinations. And four is always better than one. (We miss One Direction, too). We suggest you take a page out of Harry’s book for a change, and try out customizing your rings, just like he did with his initials. Our top four Encore pieces of this kind would have to be:Ice Ice Baby Ring,My Shining Heart Ring,My One And Only Ring and The Encore Ring!



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