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The key to nailing a unique look has to commence with an ungodly amount of brainstorming. Custom plated pieces offer us an array of possibilities, and are somehow always a good choice to run with once you start checking yourself out in front of a mirror. Once you start wearing an item which completely resonates with who you are, not who you wish to be portrayed as, you will never be able to get rid of it! It is somewhat like a limb, rather than a fashion statement. It even goes well with one of those outfits you could never bring yourself to dig out – you know what I’m referring to. You know what, no need for it, because everyone always feels bare when they forget to put on their favorite jewelry.

So. Brainstorming.

We are consciously trying not to fixate on one thing. What we know for certain is that we would like to treat ourselves with a nice piece of jewelry. Here come the burning questions. Don’t think for one second that an online jewelry store doesn’t have the power to help you rediscover yourself.

Okay, okay,…I get it. It did get a bit overdramatic. Let’s stick to the plan.

Are we going for a more timeless look? Are we playing it safe, or going full out? What is something that people rarely get for themselves? What is something that will make us stand out? How about…a ring?

A custom one, obviously.


Who doesn’t like a good, personalized ring you don’t have to take off when you’re washing your hands? Or ever, for that matter.

Now we move on to the not-so-easy part. What kind of writing do we want to stare in awe at as we dangle our fingers in front of ourselves? Let’s take a look at our options first:

  • The Encore Ring - simple, sophisticated and most importantly, safe for hour-long staring.
  • Ice Ice Baby Ring - you might have to throw that “staring” criterion away.
  • You Are My Heart Ring - remember, we are getting this one for ourselves, so unless we want to unleash our inner narcissist (which doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all), we should aim to choose from the aforementioned.

I’m not trying to be presumptuous here, but if you are more inclined to wearing or using something with a personal stamp, Ice Ice Baby – all the way. Plastering your initials on everything is a great way of giving your personal belongings some flair. But, more complex wording probably sounds more fun, don’t you think? 

This step, however, solely depends on you. There really are no limits to choosing your custom text. If you’re having any doubts, just scroll up and refresh your memory. Brainstorming is always that first, crucial step. And even though I do consider us friends, you can always ask someone you’re close to for help. It will certainly speed up the decision-making process.

And while you’re at it, you can take a look at our newest collection The Elements Bracelets, which is dedicated to unbreakable bonds above all.

So, go ahead and



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