Easy VDay Gift Box ❤️🌹

What kind of Valentine’s Day is it without a kiss and a rose? We’ve prepared different forms of the aforementioned you can include for this holiday in 2021. An adorable rose-themed jewelry gift box and another DIY one “sealed” with a kiss!

The first DIY gift box is ridiculously easy to make. All you have to do is follow the instructions below and choose a gift you would like to put in the box. For this one, we went with our Perfection Bracelet (available in Silver and Gold).

P.S. 8 cm is approximately 3.14 inches

And don’t be afraid to get creative! You are free to decorate it however you see fit.

Now that you’ve mastered your first pyramid-shaped gift box, how about taking up some basic origami? We find it incredibly therapeutic. Just remember - practice is key! What we know for certain, is that you will have so much fun making this for your special someone. We suggest you do it with a friend or family member. It’s a wonderful group activity.

We used our Belle's Anklet for the gift, which can also be worn as a bracelet!

P.S. 15 cm is approximately 5.9 inches

And we encourage you to use a variety of colors for this little project. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, so this gift box can be used for Galentine’s Day, as well!

Let us know what you think of our designs and if you would like to see similar content from us in the future. If you decide to make your own - send it to us or tag us! We cannot wait to see how it turns out.

Instagram: @encoreusa

Email: support@encoreusa

Thank you for the love! We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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