Embracing fall with Encore

So many of us are bummed about summertime coming to an end, so much so that we fail to acknowledge all the goodies October swept in. Dwelling on the past has never brought us any good, so try thinking about the fact that you need to renew your entire wardrobe! Okay, maybe don’t spend all your hard-earned money on a new fall ensemble. Consider taking a several-seasons-old turtleneck sweater to the next level. When you put on that particular top, it always seems like there’s something missing. Definitely not your neck, even though it’s hidden away somewhere. So as not to cause any confusion about that, you could always put on a dangly gold necklace (the longer, the better), before you move on to scarves and coats to match. The aftermath will make you want to hit downtown right away. Well, maybe after taking an OOTD selfie, or two.

Alright, back up. Are those…raindrops?

No worries! Staying-in isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we just need to put on something comfy instead. That worn-out, ancient flannel shirt might even be put up to good use. All you need now is a good book, a lit candle and a cup of mulled wine. You can use that necklace as a bookmarker. 

Trust me, I’ve done it before. Just don’t use the ones with heavy pendants. 

The Unfazed Necklace is much better than folding those pages and offers you a crease-free chapter to get lost in.

Hours of reading can make you a bit scatter-brained, so I believe I’m not mistaken when I say that the best remedy for that is creating and trying out various outfits. All done in the comfort of your own home. Even grown ups like to play make-believe sometimes, it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure. Just pretend that you’re going to an event in two hours and you need to get ready ASAP. (Fingers crossed that we get to experience this feeling soon!)

Every person on god’s green earth should own a fitted suit. Even if you don’t (and I hardly doubt it), you probably have a favorite blazer you can pair with your most comfortable jeans! This look will never go out of style. The plunging neckline will make it even more endearing, just omit the shirt you’d usually wear underneath. Here’s a cool visual of what I’m referring to:

The deeper the neckline, the greater the necklace pendant! Layering necklaces is probably the most obvious choice, to be honest. But if you wish to keep the look more on the subtle side (shocking!) you can opt for a more delicate piece – The Custom Bar Necklace in silver, the Key To My Heart Necklace or You Are My Sunshine Sunflower Necklace, which is the perfect accessory for fall!

The only thing left to do is to do your make-up and check yourself out on the way out. You can even wear this outfit to a Thanksgiving dinner, although we can’t promise it won’t raise a lot of eyebrows!

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