Encore Custom Christmas City

In a land far, far away, Christmas gifting time is in full swing! And, no, we are not talking about JEWEL YORK or Hooplywood Hills; the destination in question is far more idyllic than you could ever imagine! 

Welcome to Encore, USA - A Custom Christmas City. Explore the culture, history and all the jewelry pieces Encore has to offer. Time to start sightseeing! We have included a map so you can navigate your way through the city’s downtown area. 

P.S. No passports required.

GettIN The Ring Gym & Spa

If you’re looking for a place to let off some steam while you’re surrounded with steam, Encore’s Gym & Spa is the perfect place for that! After your work-out and massage, you can go ahead and join The Encore family and we will keep informing you about the best gifts of the season! We highly recommend our new Established In The 90’s Ring to place under the Christmas tree. It’s just as incredible as a birthday gift, should you like the custom name to contain the giftee’s birth year. 

Fanuel’s Fountain

The residents of Encore believe in giving back and maintaining a Christmas spirit throughout the whole year. Instead of water features and other live show performances, Fanuel’s Fountain is filled with jewelry and tourists are encouraged to dig in and take a custom necklace/ring/bracelet they like best! Rumor has it that The Double Trouble Necklace and The Madonna Necklace are the ones that always bring good fortune. So head over to Cyber Square and find the perfect gift for your loved ones at the monument named after Encore’s founder!

Encore Apparel

Shopping for clothes can be such a hassle during Christmas. We always find ourselves wondering what the other person needs. No need to wonder about that any more! There’s one item everyone needs to put on before going out, and that is our Encore Chain Masks available in black and leopard print. All you need to do is take a right from the Cyber Square and enter Accessories Alley. Our convenient, yet stylish masks are sold at Encore Apparel!


Feeling famished after all the sightseeing? We’ve got you covered. What could be better than wining and dining at the McEarrings stand by the lake? And what could be more delicious than a Custom Bamboo Earring on the side! These earrings have started to gain a lot of popularity. As they should! 

F2020 Fair

Christmas fairs unfortunately cannot take place this holiday season, so we decided to hold a virtual one for our lovely tourists! This year’s theme focuses on unity and optimism regarding the future. There’s no denying that 2020 has been full of devastating events, but let’s review some of the heartwarming events that happened this year: a great number of pets got adopted, TikTok videos became enormously entertaining, board games made a come-back...etc. It also inspired us to create a design for you as a reminder that your willpower is unmatched during these trying times. So while you’re at the fair, make sure you collect your very own gold medal - The F*ck 2020 Necklace!

F*ck 2020 Necklace

Blessings Bar

Situated in Encore’s most secluded area, Encore’s oldest bar is famous for its writing on the wall: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” Those very words inspired us to create The Divinity Collection, which features The Gospel Necklace, The Guardian Angel Necklace and The Trinity Necklace. Since you’ve been a blessing to us, we would like to offer blessings of our own! The perfect gift is nothing without the perfect gifter.

MJ’s Cafe

Wondering where you can get the best hot chocolate in town? The answer is on the corner of Encore USAvenue and Bangles Blvd! Take your time to relax and bask at the Christmas decorations on the main square. The baristas always make sure to tuck a Mary Jane Necklace into your napkin when they serve you your drink. A wonderful gift which will ensure a whimsical Christmas glow!

Mary Jane Necklace

Bestow Bridge

Walk along this romantic site and make sure you choose a gift to take home with you! The Bridge has been there for centuries. Some say that even Romeo and Jewliet used to secretly meet there! The rails of the bridge are made entirely out of Straighten Your Crown Bracelets, Perfection Bracelets, and One For You, One For Me Bracelets! If you would like to add a keychain to the mix, you can find our Drive Safe Keychain on the outer side of the rail. All you need to do is pick an initial you wish to be engraved!

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