Four Easy Steps for organizing jewelry

Make sure you have a designated place for storing jewelry. 

We get it - this may sound trivial - but how many times have you checked all of these out:

  1. Get home from work/other
  2. Sluggishly take off jewelry
  3. Throw it somewhere (more specifically next to your bathroom sink)

Yes, us too. This never ends well. We keep losing our stud earrings, detangling our chains and the humidity and exposure can easily start eating our favorite pieces away. So step number one would be to eliminate this habit from our daily routine. This is why you need a tray, box or stand so you can easily maneuver and jewel up/down. Completely Unfazed 😉


Choose the storage solution for your jewelry collection.

1. Traditional Jewelry Storage (omni-present, available, but also slightly generic-looking)
   - Jewelry Box
   - Jewelry Stands/Towers
   - Jewelry Containers for a Chest of Drawers

2. DIY Jewelry Storage (keep up with our blogs 😎)
   - Top Secret Number #1
   - Top Secret Number #2


Do a Collection Clean-Out

Don’t you sometimes get bored of wearing that necklace or bracelet? All that item does is take up space, so it’s best to go through your jewelry from time to time to determine what you no longer need. By proposing this we don’t encourage you to throw your jewelry away, but it could be a good idea to repurpose the ones you no longer wear. Some people use their old bracelets as keychains, some use bangles as curtain holders to secure them in place. If it’s still in excellent shape, you could donate it or gift it to a friend. The main point is to practice sustainability. You could even do some fun projects with your older pieces! Let us know if you would like us to come up with some ideas and include them in one of our blog posts in the future!


Travelling with Jewelry

Ideally, if you’re travelling light, you don’t want to overwhelm your suitcase with trinkets. You can use socks or pouches filled with cotton buds so as to avoid scratching. Although. We would recommend always having your jewelry on you when you’re boarding a plane for example. And quite honestly, you don’t need to bring an entire collection on a trip. One of each will suffice for a short period of time!

Thank you for reading! We’d love to hear your feedback and how you like to organize your jewelry. Contact us at, and let us know what you would like our Blog to feature in the future.

Take care, 



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