Four Self-Care Tips That Actually Work


There are people who keep insisting that they never got into reading books - how they can never manage to finish them, and so on. This is mainly due to the fact that we were not taught how to properly read and that we were not presented with important themes and motifs as young children. We start gaining interest in various topics as we grow up, but as kids, we should be exposed to stories about friendship, bravery, adventures and magical possibilities. As adults, we are bombarded by self-help books, as if those ever helped anyone. People will always feel more inclined to emulate fictional characters, instead of incorporating some manual’s tips and tricks into their lives. 


Some people love making plans for the weekend, whereas some people would rather disappear each Friday afternoon. If you feel as though you’re so exhausted after five days of work that you have to stay in bed for 48 hours, you need to rethink your priorities. Under normal circumstances, weekends are for making new memories. The pandemic prevented us from enjoying other people’s company, but there are other equally fun activities. Escaping to the countryside, hiking, exploring, trying out different hobbies - all contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing. So, instead of staying in and binge-watching the newest season of whatnot, do your best to spend as much time as you can outdoors and on activities which will benefit you in the future. 


It’s quite concerning how much we rely on take-outs on a weekly basis. No matter how strange this may sound, eating homemade meals every day is quite a humbling experience. Taking the time to prepare your food with your own hands and tools, knowing the exact amount of ingredients you used, even eating in silence at the kitchen table - all of these aspects help you focus and bring you joy, thus brightening your everyday life. Cooking can be a healthy distraction among all the other chores and responsibilities which create a never-ending pit of absent-mindedness. 


Learning how to speak a foreign language, or better yet, improving the existing language skills you’ve acquired over the years can open many doors for all of us. Your travelling experience will never be the same! You will be able to transfer jobs, meet new people and acquaint yourself with vibrant cultures all over the world. You can achieve this through so many mediums - online language apps, movies, music, communicating with natives, and so on. You will feel as if you’ve entered a portal leading to a new dimension. 

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