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Personalizing should be fun. We believe we keep preaching this time and time again. We want you to use your imagination to the fullest. Sarah Harris, Deputy Editor and Fashion Features editor of British Vogue, enjoys personalizing her sneakers and Burberry backpack, which goes to show that personalizing is FAR from dull and boring.

A custom name does not have to be taken literally. Nicknames, affirmations, pet names and inside jokes are definitely NOT off the table! To prove our point, we would like to present you with our TOP FIVE (non-intimidating) custom names:

  1. celestial – The word which encapsulates the following meanings: delightful, otherworldly, supreme, ethereal, heavenly… After all, what other descriptive word could better fit a young woman embracing she’s a superhuman! We can give you a few ideas. For instance, if you are exceptionally musically talented, you can go with virtuoso. If you’d like to commemorate a new beginning you can do that by customizing a piece of jewelry, and it’s completely painless, unlike getting a tattoo. Free, Brave, a month/day which represents a turning point in your life, all fall into this category. 
  2. cozygirl – What’s better than a custom nickname containing one word? Well, you guessed it, combining two might give you the result you’re craving. Exploring different idioms and collocations is an activity you should definitely try out. Find out which one – from black sheep to night owl – describes your vibe the best. 
  3. #momlife – Mothers deserve the world. No matter how hard it gets, a mother keeps boasting about the life of her growing family like no other person can. Among other titles, such as Duchess, Pharaoh and Queen, a mom’s reign is eternal, hence the custom necklace which should celebrate that at all times! 
  4. Survivor – All of our fighters out there deserve to be seen and heard. We learn most from those who had to remain strong and pick their battles, those who never give up without a fight. You should feel free to announce to the world that nobody can drag you down! 
  5. Unique – sometimes the most obvious solution to finding a unique name for your custom piece should just be straightforward. We are all unique, and we should continue to recognize our differences and love each other for offering a new expression or point of view whenever an opportunity arises!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make it on this list, submit your creative custom name (coupled with your order number) and get a chance to win something awesome! 

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