If Encore jewelry could sing

A certain mood goes with every piece of jewelry. We've put together the ultimate playlist - each song matches a piece of jewelry from our collections. 

Here's what you will find:

1. Sam Smith – Diamonds 

We feel like this songs represents our brand perfectly, so enjoy it while wearing any Encore piece. 

2. Major Lazer – Cold Water feat. Justin Bieber 

Water Elements, are you here? If you are, this song is for you, along with our Water Bracelet. 

3. Jessie J – Bang Bang feat. Ariana and Nicki 

Three pop goddesses go hand in hand with our Gospel Necklace.  

4. Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect 

Who doesn't love butterflies? We have a whole collection dedicated to these beautiful creatures. Choose between our Butterfly Name Necklace, Butterfly Charm Necklace, Butterfly Charm Earringsor our newest arrival - Butterfly Ring

5. Taylor Swift – Delicate 

If anyone can sing about love, it's Taylor Swift. Our Love Knows No Limits Necklace is for all of those freshly in love! 

6. Mac Miller – My favorite part 

How do you tell someone they are perfect for you? Easy, play them this song and top it off with our Perfection Bracelet

7. Zayn – It’s You 

Cruising down sunny LA, this song playing on the radio, Unfazed

8. Jordin Sparks – No Air feat. Chris Brown

"Can't live, can't breathe with no air." For all our easy, breezy Air Elements we can't live without. 

9. Elvis Presley – Mama Liked The Roses 

Family is everything, and you can show how much they mean to you with the Ohana Necklace. Ohana means family, remember? 

10. The Ink Spots – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire 

Fire Element people starting flames in our hearts everywhere. 

11. Harry Styles – Sunflower Vol. 6 

How can you resist Harry Styles and our Sunflower Necklace - we can't decide what is better. 

12. The Beatles – Mother Nature’s Son

If you're one with Mother Nature, the Earth Bracelet is for you. Oh, and this song of course. 

13. Tai Verdes - Drugs

We can't stop listening to songs from this TikTok superstar. Put on our Mary Jane Charm Earrings or our Mary Jane Necklace, headphones in, press play and dance away. 



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