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As different fashion trends come and go, our personal tastes transform and evolve. All manners of behavior are marked by unbreakable cycles, which means that lives should be lived without the fear of change, because change is inevitable. The simplicity of change is best illustrated in children’s books, where caterpillars become butterflies, and we get to stand back and marvel at those delicate, perishable beings. Though butterflies are universally recognized as a symbol of metamorphosis, perhaps we should also analyze some of their features which many are quick to disregard.

Butterflies are adventurous without even trying. As world’s tiniest explorers, they bring joy to all who cross their path. They don’t have much time, so they don’t stray from their mission. Befriending while fluttering their wings, they focus on the present, blissfully unaware of their terribly short lifespan. 

Throughout history, butterflies were symbols of immortality, as well as of resurrection. Many cultures associated this animal with this false dichotomy of life and death. They are bound by their extremes. A butterfly could represent a single soul, both of the living and the dead. Even so, we would also like to focus on its adapted meaning and symbolism.

Butterflies can often be found in contemporary music, whether in song’s titles/lyrics or as visuals in music videos. One of the most popular ones, is Travis Scott’s summer hit The Butterfly Effect which came out three years ago. It was around that time that Butterfly pendants/necklaces/chains and other jewelry items started to become fashionable! The term itself refers to an effect which can be caused by seemingly trivial changes should be travel back in time. The theory suggests that those changes have a larger impact on our lives. To put it simply, let’s say you went back in time and purchased a Butterfly Name Necklace a few months back. Maybe that purchase could have affected you enrolling into a different university or never bumping into someone you’re very close to at the moment.

Butterflies continue to dominate the world of fashion, or more precisely the world of accessories. From crop tops to drop hoop earrings, these lovely insects are probably known as the most frequently used bug design of the decade. If you wish to accentuate your feminine side, we suggest you take a look at our Encore all-things-butterfly jewelry pieces:

1. Butterfly Name Necklace (Gold/Rose Gold/Silver)

2. Butterfly Charm Necklace (Gold)

3. Butterfly Charm Earrings (Multiple colors)

If you would like to contact us and find out more details, write to us at support@encoreusa.store.

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