Pairing Encore Jewelry

A staple, such as a custom piece of jewelry, sometimes needs a partner-in-crime, or a partner-in-shine, if you will. This is why owning and investing into a solid (gold/rose gold/silver) collection appears to be vital for your personal style’s growth. Sounds rather complicated, right? I swear it isn’t. 

Here at Encore, you have all the tools you need to design to your heart’s content. When you’re done, you’ll wonder if you ever needed me in the first place.

Remember – take your sweet time. Let’s explore these two options:


You have assumed correctly. This paragraph will focus on one of those “reasonable” choices. When we’re developing a look, we don’t like to stray so far away from our comfort zone. Having a pair of earrings with a complementing necklace isn’t normally considered as “thinking out of the box”, but it’s definitely something you should have in your (jewelry) box. Fine, I’ll stop. 

Here are a few suggestions:

- We arrive at the “Necklace-ing Technique”: For this step you should pick two necklaces which will ensure a sparkly symbiosis. For instance, The Unfazed Necklace (in silver) and the Engraved Bar Necklace would make a lovely couple!

- Not sure about the first one? How about The Unfazed Choker and the Bonita’s BraceletTrust me, the  Two-Chainz Bracelet would be too obvious of a choice. The previously mentioned necklace would certainly overpower it. They are quite similar.


In case you haven’t noticed, one of us here at Encore really likes rings. Can you try and guesswho? 

Alright, back to the point. How do you feel about the saying: one’s company, two’s a crowd and three’s a party? Maybe we should stick to two for now.

- We can call this “Double Trouble” (Have you seen Eurovision on Netflix, by the way?).Finding balance is what we should always keep in mind, and I believe this duo will showcase just that: My One and Only Ring and the Forever Engraved Ring. You can play with different colors here. The first one is more edgy, while the latter leans more towards a softer side. Let me know if you agree with this statement.

For more inspo, head over to our Collections page! If I were to write all my suggestions down, we’d be here all day. Please share your designs and personal collection ideas with our team. We want to hear it all!


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