Zodiac and Elements

fire signs

  • Aries – Ready, set, ACTION! These natural-born leaders are both quick-tempered and patient when necessary. It’s hard not to be all over the place, when you’re a part of every friend group, club, and you have a billion interests to tend to. This only makes them even more charming.
  • Leo – You sure have an expensive taste for glamorous adventures! Persistent and idealistic enough to suffer for the cause they truly believe in, lions and lionesses are known for their passion and dominant nature.
  • Sagittarius – Recognized as the chilliest out of all the fire signs, these ambitious social butterflies love a crazy outing! Although, frankly, they’re going to need a day or two afterwards to pull themselves together. These philosophers dislike social norms and are avid globe-trotters.

water signs

  • Pisces – These intuitive daydreamers are constantly on a quest to find all the answers. Their main problem is that they know they don’t have enough time to obtain all the information this universe has to offer! Hopelessly romantic and kind-hearted, they enjoy strolling along the beach of their magical imaginary world.
  • Cancer – These mysterious loner wolves enjoy being at harmony with themselves like no other sign. Shy, yet friendly, these wonderous humans are the greatest listeners and they thoroughly despise conflicts. Their realistic point of view helps them keep their life, and all their close friends and partners’ lives, in absolute order.
  • Scorpio – These high-fliers have dreams as big as their hearts. Although they might seem nonchalant, they also possess a fire within them, which the water sign characteristic luckily extinguishes. Even though their candor is seldom accompanied by sugar-coating, they are the most fiercely loyal friends out of all the signs.

earth signs

  • Capricorn – their need for stability forces them to always act accordingly and rarely stray from traditional approaches. Disciplined and responsible, they know exactly what they have to accomplish in order to get to the next level. They are truly inspirational, although they would never admit it.
  • Taurus– These cuddly bundles of joy are seriously hard to resist. These creatures of habit know how to live their life to the fullest! You will rarely find them all alone, since they crave company like no other zodiac sign. Governed by Venus, they are attracted to everything pleasing to the eye.
  • Virgo– These overly-protective perfectionists love the outdoors and enjoy observing the world around them. Efficient and practical, they rarely resist the urge to help anyone in need. They always treat everyone with respect and are the first people you run to confide to.

air signs

  • Aquarius– Infatuated by conspiracy theories and humanitarian organizations, these free spirits are the hardest to befriend for life. Better catch them before they disappear into thin air! These good-natured signs have a great sense of humor and enjoy pampering themselves on a regular basis.
  • Gemini– Thanks to Mercury, they are equipped with extraordinary communication skills. They possess an incredible power of deduction, which allows them to multitask and memorize almost anything you present them with. Their easy-going nature makes everyone around them feel welcome and safe.
  • Libra– Who has the gavel in the palm of their hand? Although decision-making is not exactly their forte, the way they express their affection and feelings makes up for their indecisiveness. They are not afraid of changes, in fact, they yearn for them, and they enjoy living the life in the fast lane.

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