About Us


You are the Encore. One way or another.


You reach for the top no matter how many times you fall. Your history is what makes you who you are. Your achievements, your failures. Your family, your values.


Our founder Fanuel faced many challenges before realising he wasn’t going to let a few setbacks knock him down. Now, he brings Encore to you so you can show the world what it looks like to not give up.


So go out there and give them the Encore they need to see.


Our Mission


Encore is not simply about accessories that empower you as you wear them, it is about the way we acknowledge where we come from. We are all a metaphorical Encore of the family before us and unfortunately some families have it tougher than others.


Encore is looking to work with charitable organizations that share our mission and are already working towards building better environments for children and families.


If you can think of a group that would love to work with us, let us know! You can email your suggestions to support@encoreusa.store.


Your Biggest Fan, 

The Encore Team




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