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Bling it out in Gold, keep it soft with our Rose Gold, or go sleek with a classic Silver. 

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3. We plant a Tree FOR YOU 

Join our Earth-Saving journey on Instagram to see all the trees your order planted! 


   Without the Earth, where would be, literally? The overwhelming beauty and inspiration that nature provides us every single day is our motivation to care for the Earth that cares for us. 

    We've partnered with CityPlants and other environmental awareness programs to help rebuild ecosystems around the globe. Whether we're planting canopies of trees in bustling cities or expanding the reach of endangered jungles, we need your help to reduce our carbon footprint and create a better home for everyone. 

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Eternal Rose Necklace

Who are we?

We’re So Much More Than Jewelry…We’re the brand that wants to empower you to leave your mark on the world. The Encore legacy is built from the impact you make - so without you, we’re just another jewelry store. 

If you need an outlet to express yourself, a one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone, or even support to pursue your passions, we’ve got you covered.