Encore self-care session with Cristina

There is no such thing as an entourage here at Encore. Our lovely supporters will always take center stage! 

This is why we decided to hang out with Cristina Giraldo (@crisandhercloset) and chat a little bit about style and self-love. 

Welcome to Encore Self-Care Sessions Part 1!

Cristina is wearing our Unfazed Necklace

Down-to-earth, yet with a heavenly closet - Cristina, or Cris for short, is a content creator and social media manager who currently resides in LA. She is from Miami and is of Colombian descent. She loves Halloween, is a dog parent to Dexter and Bowie, and would describe herself as “Your IG Girlfriend”. We’ve been following Cris for a long time now and we value her professional opinions on all things fashion! And now, without further ado, we’d love for you guys to get to know each other a little bit.

Q: We’ve always admired how creatively you express yourself! Does the jewelry you wear ever affect your level of inspiration when creating content?

A: Thank you! Jewelry is definitely a huge inspiration for creating content. I love detailed images and photos that feel really romantic, so whether I’m taking a flat lay image or a styled image with the jewelry on, a lot of the focus goes to those pieces.

Q: How do you practice self-love? Do you think that’s what we do when we customize our jewelry?

A: Self-care and self-love are extremely important to me. I work crazy hours running my own business, so I definitely need a few “treat yourself” moments here and there!

Q: Your ability to play around with different styles is what makes you unique! What made you opt for wearing personalized jewelry?

A: I love to have a unique point of view with everything I do, especially when getting dressed. Personalized jewelry is just that extra special touch that makes your style and outfit even more unique to you.

Q: These recent times have taught us how important it is to properly take care of ourselves. Can you think of any lifestyle changes that helped shape a stronger version of you?

A: I’ve definitely opted for more self-care and learning to do things for myself at home! I never actively took the time out to really pamper myself and it will just happen sporadically. Now I try to definitely schedule out time where I am away from my phone and just really treating myself to a relaxing moment.

Thank you Cris for taking part in our 1st Self-Care Session and for reminding us that we can also be our greatest source of inspiration! 

We’ve only scratched the surface, so if you want to follow Cris to teach you how to navigate social media, as well as some really cool tips and tricks, check these out:

Cristina's Instagram - @CrisAndHerCloset

Cristina's TikTok - @CrisAndHerCloset

Cristina's YouTube - Cris and Her Closet

P.S. If you want to get to know Cris on a deeper level, watch her “Tattoo Tour” video on YouTube! 😉Thank you for reading and see you next time!

Love, Encore


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