Our Story

When our founder, Fanuel, was just 16 years old, he immigrated to the U.S. from Ethiopia.

His newly-single mother was determined to create a better life for her family, and so they started over together in Silver Spring, Maryland.

It wasn’t long before Fanuel saw how his mother was struggling to care for two growing boys in a new country, not to mention being all on her own. She worked so often that he and his brother barely saw her, all so that they would be well taken care of. That’s when he decided he had to start working. And he hasn’t stopped since! 

After running through tons of odd jobs, from washing dogs to bussing tables, and even working three jobs at once during his first year in college, he came across this crazy opportunity - selling custom name necklaces. 

It was a wacky idea, and he had no idea if it was going to work, but he knew he wouldn’t last long washing dogs all day, so he tried it out. As it turns out, the ability to personalize style was something people really liked! The response was INSANE. Fanuel was overwhelmed at the number of people falling in love with their one-of-a-kind pieces.

He quickly figured out that while his customers liked the jewelry they were getting, the thing they kept coming back for was the ability to create something that was entirely their own. It wasn’t just about nice jewelry, it was about giving people the power of designing their own personalized token of art. And from that realization, Fanuel fell in love with providing newer, flashier, and more creative ways to make each style completely one-of-a-kind. 

What is Encore?

We’re So Much More Than Jewelry… 

We’re the brand that wants to empower you to leave your mark on people. The Encore legacy is built from the impact you make - so without you, we’re just another jewelry store. If you need an outlet to express yourself, a one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone, or even a sponsorship to pursue your passions, we’ve got you covered. 

Encore was built from the ground up because a young Ethiopian immigrant dreamt about a world where his family wouldn’t have to worry anymore, and he wouldn’t have to suffer through odd jobs for a living. That’s why we made a commitment to supporting the type of artistic expression that can challenge the “9-5 norm.” Using real creators from around the globe just like you, it’s our goal to build a better world for artists, by artists. 

Our Mission

At Encore we offer an emotion in the physical form of custom and statement jewelry.

We aim to inspire, motivate and empower you with something you can touch. Something you can wear with pride. We also want you to be able to share this feeling with your loved ones.

But most importantly, when you do, we want you to know that you are helping single-parent communities. We work with the Children's Bureau as they share our passion and are already working towards building better environments for children and their families. 


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